What if humans could temporarily splice their DNA with that of plants or animals to gain certain attributes, like gills, scales, certain colors, or tails? Would it become a fashion trend? What would be the retail experience for getting this temporary attribute? (an extended project for this concept here)

This concept is a commentary on consumer culture, fads, negative self-image, and what we do to our bodies in order to feel good about ourselves. The store and its description is intended to make the concept seem appealing. The news articles are intended to reveal possible negative affects, resulting from people’s misuse of the product or distorted self-image.

Gill’s Accessories is today’s equivalent to getting a tan, a tattoo, a piercing, hair colored, weaves, perms, laser hair removal, plastic surgery, dieting, etc.

Welcome to Gill’s Accessories!

You can accessorize with a unique beast or plant attribute in just four easy steps:

1) Get a full body scan. (This is for preview purposes. If you already know which accessory you want, skip to step 3.

2) Go to a kiosk on the second floor. Our system will recognize you as you approach one, and you can start “trying on” accessories. This month’s accessories are listed as icons at the bottom (and are also displayed on the front wall of the store). Every month, we come out with seven new accessories. Drag an icon from the list at the bottom to your figure to preview.

3) Once you have decided, pay at the counter. The cashier will stamp you with the correct code, and transfer an FAQ manual to your phone.

4) Undergo your transformation in one of the private changing rooms. Scan your code upon entering, choose pill or shot from the screen at the back, and the machine will provide you with the correct one. The accessory will need about five minutes to integrate with your body. Exit from the stairs. Show off your new accessory!


How long does an accessory last?
Accessories will remain integrated with your body for about 2 months.

What happens at the end of the 2 months?
Towards the end of the month, you may notice discoloring in the accessory, parts may begin to fall off. Do not be alarmed, this is perfectly normal.

Are there negative side effects?

Participants may experience slight personality shifts associated with the accessory’s origin beast or plant.

What they won’t tell the customers:

– The process is painful. (but people will keep coming, they will endure pain to look good)

– They change options monthly when an accessories last two months, so people will feel like they missed out.

– This planned obsolescence will compel them to get a new one immediately.

In the news:

“On Monday, Month/day/Year, a worker was attacked by a young male in the Flemington shopping mall of City, State. The worker suffered a wound to the lower abdomen, and remains in the Flemington Hospital. Witnesses attest that the attacker charged the worker with bull’s horns. Upon questioning, the male disclosed that after purchasing the bull’s horns from Gill’s Accessories, he began to take on a bull-like personality. Friends he was with were interviewed, and admitted a change in his usual shy demeanor, especially a new ‘short temper’ and now being ‘easily provoked’…”

More news articles related to this story:

– he will be put on trial
– he will plead not guilty, blame Gill’s Accessories
– turns into huge case
– judge rules eventually that Gill’s is to blame
– Gill’s loses a lot of money, but remains in business b/c people still want accessories
– Gill’s no longer offers anything that will enhance human abilities, or be used as a weapon
– People think options are now too limited.
– Scientists argue that this this splicing technology should not have become a consumer product.

Other news articles:

– this [movie star’s] new accessory

– this person in office get’s an accessory. looked down upon?

– issue with enhanced eye sight, allowed cheating on test

– fisherman thought person swimming in the ocean was dead. pulled her up, found that she had gills.

– girl goes to hospital for attempting to purchase 5 accessories in one day