A design fiction for a future where our digital and physical identities are completely merged. In this future, what are digital habits that might be translated into the physical space? What does etiquette look like? What kind of gestural language will develop?

A secondary idea that this design fiction portrays: the movies as a more social experience.

Bruce Sterling featured this project on his Wired blog, Beyond the Beyond. His comments: “I like its leisurely pace, atemporal framing and funky soundtrack. The design project itself isn’t entirely clear, but there’s something endearingly mysterious about it.”


I began by thinking of possible scenarios which could occur in a world where people’s physical and digital identities are completely merged. I began to notice different categories that these scenarios fell under, and mapped them out. I included some references (listed below and in the map) for some of the scenarios to relate them to situations and technology that exists now. References (shown in grey parentheses in the map): Radiolab – Capturing light 3Doodler Ubi-camera Tesla Touch Quantum Stealth Invisibility Cloak Slaveryfootprint.org Nike+ Fuelband PayTango Siri Real Actors Read Yelp

Storyboard for the video