A design fiction examining the following question: what if we could outsource pain?

The format is an action/sci-fi movie trailer that takes itself too seriously. 

Possible scenarios in a world where we can outsource pain:

  • Taking the pain for people you care about (ex. community get well card becomes community pain sharing)
  • Taking pain as a charity (ex. instead of donating money to someone in a third world country, take their pain for a day)
  • People who need money sell themselves to take pain for other people. (pain prostitutes?)
  • A society that raises a small number of people who’s lives are devoted solely to taking the pain for rest of the society.
    • Rest of society never has to experience pain.
    • the paintakers are either raised in a farm like in the Matrix or Cloud Atlas, or new borns are chosen every year to be sacrificed and families must give them up, like in Hunger Games
    • people who see the paintakers, can’t understand b/c they have never felt pain
    • someone in the sacrifice group escapes
  • someone who has never experienced pain, experiences it for the first time
  • chivalrous for guys to take the pain for the girls
  • husband experiences contractions with wife during childbirth
  • terrorism/sabotage of the outsourcing/sharing system: give pain to someone, mass pain terrorism.
  • pain tolerance currently a symbol of toughness, masculinity – contests of how much pain you can take become extreme, instances of people dying
  • system becomes a crime deterrent: system detects malicious intent, automatically makes aggressor feel the pain of the victim.
  • outsourcing pain to animals