New design fiction project: a near-future where e-books now come with soundtracks (played optionally). The soundtracks would contain ambient sounds (traffic, wind, rain), musical references, and other sounds explicitly mentioned by the author and would be meant only as a background to subtly add to the reading experience, not distract from it. Here is a storyboard for the video, showing some of the features/issues I plan on addressing:


Questions that I based these ideas around:

What other ‘augmented’ media will exist (in addition to augmented reading)?

What will Amazon be trying to sell us through Kindle ads in the future (right now it’s Kindle accessories, magazine trials, other books, other electronics)?

What settings will people be able to control for the soundtrack, and how will they change those settings?

How can this soundtrack become a part of the reading experience, and not distract from it?

How can an ambient soundtrack be useful for reading?

What problems could arise?

If you have any comments, feedback, or ideas, let me know!