Current Projects

Random Structure


I’m showing a collection of drawings at Coffeehouse Northwest in Portland, Oregon, for the month of March. The opening reception will be on March 3. Continue reading “Random Structure”


Making Tempeh

For our first attempt at mold fermentation, we decided to make tempeh. I bought the tempeh starter at a local co-op. This starter from Cultures for Health contains rhizopus oryzae cultures, although it seems like rhizopus oligosporus is the more common type used. Continue reading “Making Tempeh”

Fermentation explorations

Recently I’ve been experimenting with fermentation, using Mastering Fermentation by Mary Karlin and The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Katz as references. Check out some of the things I’ve tried!

Sauerkraut Continue reading “Fermentation explorations”

First attempt at making beer

Oregon Fermentation Festival

We went to the Oregon Fermentation Festival on Sauvie Island a few weeks ago and tasted everything from sauerkraut to salami, kombucha to kefir, cheese to chocolate (yes there is fermentation involved in making chocolate!).  We had already been trying out some simple fermentation, but after seeing all this cool stuff, we decided it was time to step it up…with beer!

Continue reading “First attempt at making beer”

Descience Competition: fashion inspired by kidney disease research

I am currently participating in the Descience competition, where designers create a runway look inspired by a scientist’s research. I am partnered with Georgia Charkoftaki, a postdoc at the University of Colorado Denver. Our design represents Dr. Charkoftaki’s novel targeted drug delivery strategy for fighting the kidney disease, lupus nephritis. Continue reading “Descience Competition: fashion inspired by kidney disease research”

Descience Competition: sketch

Concept sketch for a runway look inspired by the kidney disease lupus nephritis and Dr. Georgia Charkoftaki’s research to develop a novel targeted drug delivery strategy to fight the disease. Continue reading “Descience Competition: sketch”

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